Joe Colyn, an agronomist and food professional with 30 years of experience in the food and agriculture sector, founded Originz in 2001 as a single-member firm with an extensive network of experts to draw on as needed to support client needs.

A strategic thinker, he skillfully applies scenario planning and creative problem-solving techniques to identify “alternative futures” and recommend strategies and solutions to achieve a “preferred future.”

A tactical manager, his skills in project management have resulted in assignments including contract research project management for small and mid-sized firms.  Some of his other work shows that he is equally at home working with Fortune 500 companies, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, and trade associations.

His broad agricultural, aquaculture, and food industry experience equips him to make appropriate recommendations to mainstream, natural food, and functional food clients leveraging technology from conventional, biotechnology, natural, and organic agriculture.

Assignments have included:



technology development
creative problem solving
supply chain and value chain assessment
value-chain model development
research plan development
project management
production outsourcing support
novel ingredient sourcing
brand positioning support
grant writing
independent feasibility studies
business plan writing
strategic planning

Previous to Originz, Joe served for 18 years at the Kellogg Company gaining expertise in purchasing, research, product development, consumer affairs, and quality assurance.  Global experience includes three years in R&D for Latin American businesses and managing external research projects in Europe and Australia.