Over the next three decades, the world’s resources will be
shared by 9 billion people. Aquaculture presents a great opportunity to contribute to the growing meat-protein of a larger and more affluent civilization.

Commercial fish farming is a young sector in the realm of animal agriculture. Only in this decade has aquaculture overtaken the global wild-capture fishery in seafood output and will continue to expand as demand for seafood grows.

Originz, based in the Great Lakes Region, is committed to helping the aquaculture sector grow in the region, which has over 20% of the world’s freshwater.


ORIGINZ work in support of Aquaculture:

A series of eight brief videos inform us about the aquaculture opportunity and how best practices are being used to ensure that fish farming is done sustainably by farmers who act as stewards of natural resources while putting fresh, affordable, and healthy seafood on the table.

In 2014, we partnered with a broad range of stakeholders and developed “A Strategic Plan for a Thriving & Sustainable Michigan Aquaculture”

The regulatory framework for aquaculture development is multifaceted and entrepreneurs interested in developing fish farming enterprise need tools to guide them through regulation. In 2012 we created a “Roadmap Through Regulation” for Michigan Aquaculture"

We continue to assist various farms expand their role in aquaculture and are engaged in guiding others through regulations.

See the individual videos located to the right.


A Call to Action
video 2
Overview of Aquaculturevideo 3
Who Benefits
video 4
What are the Challenges
video 4
Learning from Ontariovideo 6
Kana Upton
video 7
Ben Kanasawe
Eonomic Impact
Economic Impact