At Originz, we help answer the consumer’s question, “Where does my food come from?” which results in “food systems for a healthier world.”

       ...help make connections happen through...
              Formalizing relations
              Managing projects that promote a healthier world
              Developing and proving commercial food system models
              Customization - we realize every need is unique...our experience in                                       food and agriculture can benefit your business.

We work with our clients to create integrated food systems that link consumers to the source of their food -- through the processor, back to the farm, and to the farmers whom we recognize as the stewards of the land and water on behalf of society.

We also call on our extensive network of industry associates to accomplish client project goals as needed.
Knowledge & Creativity Services

Originz is a knowledge-based service provider delivering creative solutions:  

Strategic Planning
       •       We work with boards and management teams to develop the transformation plan to reach and secure the new market space.
       •       We facilitate scenario planning sessions to help organizations understand alternate futures and take targeted action.  

Education & Key Note Speaking
       •       Drawing on our knowledge base, we bring new insights on subjects including: 
    Trust and Transparency
    Trends in Agri-Food Innovation   
    Connecting Your Brand to the Values-Based Consumer  

Food & Ingredient Development
       •       We deliver innovations that increase potential and profitability. 
       •       Expertise in grains, oilseeds, food formulation, and processing technology support your new product needs and technology assessments.
       •       Our established supplier knowledge and relationships deliver sound solutions.
       •       We ensure an integrated seed-to-shelf approach to sourcing in support of the new market demands for transparency and disclosure information.  

Marketing Support
       •       We help build an authentic story, strengthening brands and organizations – tying the consumer back to the farmer, the land, and those involved in food preparation.
       •       We conduct supply-side market research and feasibility studies to support brands growth.

       •       Support the development of this growing sector in North America.